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Involved in the shipment of commodities worldwide? You’ll know - Laytime management is time consuming, paperwork intensive, prone to errors and cash flow consuming. Falmor’s innovative collaborative cloud based SAAS solution reduces workloads, errors and improves efficiencies at all levels within a company and throughout the supply chain.

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Get a clear and real time insight into your laytime management status

Reduce errors and boost efficiency

Create plan for the future: from laytime flow to cash flow

Tired of spending time printing, scanning, copying and double handling of documents?

Significantly reduce your Laytime management workflow process 


See how data can improve operations and cash flow.

Find out your nett cash position
Analyse port operations to improve efficiency


All your laytime/demurrage records accessible from any device

Falmor’s API enables integration with any existing shipping/accounting software provider



All your laytime documents in one place

Falmor enables collection of all your operational and laytime data in a single place, allowing you to make sound decisions with greater ease. Whether it is calculating laytime or understanding the status of a voyage file, we will give you tools to stay updated and organized.

One calendar to rule them all

Get all your activities in a beautiful laytime event calendar to always stay on top of your daily to-do tasks. Falmor’s smart event scheduling procedure makes sure you never miss another timebar. And don’t worry, we will remind you of what’s happening on all live voyage files, every single day.

Fast and beautiful laytime management

Who said laytime management has to be cumbersome? Say hello to a bright new future of laytime management. Falmor's use of sophisticated and usable web tools will bring a new revolution in how laytime is used and analysed.

Your data – secure and accessible

You’re in charge of your data and only you decide on who gets to access it. We are only providing the technology and security to make your life easier by layering your data with several secure doors and daily backups.  Access Falmor from your office computer to laptop to iPad to iPhone the essential data you need is accessible and at your fingertips.   

Features per Supply Chain User

Operator and Demurrage specialists

  • Auto feed  of SOF’s into laytime calculator

  • Online sharing of laytime calcs between counterparties

  • Auto comparison of calcs and differences highlighted

  • Multiple calculation functionality for split parcels

  • Public / Private viewing capability

  • Full online archive of calculations and negotiations.

  • Paperless task management.

  • Automatic Alert reminder system.

  • Reporting and analysis functionality

Board Management

  • View, manage and analyse all data, reports and KPI’s being generated by other management departments, eg: Operations, Chartering, Accounting, Risk.

Chartering and Operations Management

  • Set up KPI’s of port performance

  • View counterparty position – outstandings, past performance

Accounts Management

  • Analyse individual demurrage/despatch positions as well as net position.

  • Analyse timeline of demurrage/despatch positions and apply to cash flow management controls.

  • Action alerts on payments overdue

  • Set up KPI’s and generate reports suited to the accounts department’s specific requirements.

Risk Management

  • Establish KPI’s of counterparts against internal Risk Management Policy

  • Action alerts on counterparties missing KPI targets


  • Data analysis tools to study port operations

  • Set up KPI’s to increase efficiency of port operations

Shipping Agents

  • A single platform from which to compile and send all shipping documents to customers involved in the shipment

  • SOF’s compiled and electronically signed for via Falmor’s app

Ship Brokers 

  • Advise brokers of laytime calculation settlements, via permission system, to enable timely invoicing of commissions on demurrage due


Operator and Demurrage specialists

  • Time saving efficiencies brought about via collaborative use of information.
  • More efficient work flow process

  • Reduction in double handling errors.

  • Reduction in missed timebars.

  • Reduction in arbitration claims

  • Ability to manage more workload

Board Management

  • Increased corporate governance through instantly deliverable and upto date laytime status reports

Chartering and Operations Management

  • Analyse vessel performances in a fleet/pool of vessels.

  • Ascertain which ports, routes to negotiate above/below market on.

Accounting Management

  • Greater analysis functionality of financial position

  • More efficient cash flow management

Risk Management

  • A ‘Live’ view on counterparty risk

  • Tracking and analysis functionality of counterpart payout performance


  • Increased port efficiency, making use of existing assets to the full

  • Potential to earn more despatch payments due to more efficient port operations

  • Giving your port/terminal a competitive edge with improved service experience for its users

Shipping Agents

  • More efficient work practises

  • Increased customer experience via use of collaborative tools

  • Ability to relay ‘live’ loading/discharging progress to customers


  • More efficient demurrage invoicing work flow process

  • No more missed commissions on historical demurrage claims

The Team

Welcome to the small and growing Falmor team


Simon Francis: Founder

With over 20 years experience in the Dry Cargo Shipping Industry working for Owners, Operators and Charterers in all vessel size segments of the market Simon has extensive knowledge of all elements of the business from operations through to chartering and management.

Having worked for LevelSeas back in Dotcom 1.0 and is also being founder of G-ports - a shipping data company, Simon's passion to solve some of the more inefficient practises in the shipping/commodity world, as well as bring the value of big data generated via the SAAS Dotcom 2.0  world led him to set up Falmor.


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